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Unlock the Mystery of Color

When you understand how color affects you, your brain, and the way colors work together; you can begin to use color to transform your home and your life.  Color is energy.  This free guide will help you tap into that energy to choose colors confidently.

  • Determine if you are using too little or too much of your favorite colors
  • Find the perfect neutral for your project
  • Discover how combining different colors shifts the feel of the room
  • Learn how to see what a color will look like in any space BEFORE you paint
  • Choose color like a professional
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Success Stories!


I can’t stress enough how Lynne's process took ALL the guess work and confusion out of colour testing, swatching and ultimately choosing which paint to buy. There is so much technical knowledge that the ordinary person just isn’t privy to when it comes to painting a wall in a house. The work book is GOLD!!

Carrie H.- U.K.

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The rich New York State of Mind blue (BM-805) that I used for the backs of the book cases COMPLETELY transformed my office space.  Wow!  I would have never gotten there without understanding undertones.  THANK YOU!

Elizabeth P.- West Chester, PA, USA

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Lynne has been helping me perfect my spaces for years; through multiple houses.  She has shared her secrets in this guide!  I now understand what she means when she is looking for a color and tells me she is "almost there."  When people ask me how I do it, I always tell them my color specialist is a scientist!

Donna S.- Naples, FL, USA


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