You have ideas, of what you’d like your home to look and feel like. You have a dream of how it functions.

You might even say, you have a VISION.

But all the

  • Google searches
  • Pinterest boards
  • And trips to Marshalls 😉

in the world don’t seem to match up.

You *could* hire a designer....

But investing at that level feels almost like self-betrayal.

Does the idea of handing over full control to a complete stranger feel scary?

But still, you would like some help.

No matter what you do, something just feels “off”. You can’t seem to source the materials you desire on your own and you really need someone to support your decision-making process so you can feel confident you’ll avoid costly and inconvenient mistakes.


The Monthly HomeScapes Design Membership Portal is like having an entire creative team in your back pocket, so that your authentic style is the



I created this membership to meet you in the middle and provide an accessible way to get all the support you need to take action without the overwhelm. I truly believe that living in a home that inspires you is what propels you to your next level.

You don’t need to...

wait until the kids leave home...

or you have more money...

...or more time.

I work with you to create a design plan on your terms, that fits in with your life NOW, because you deserve the tremendous benefits of a space that reflects the highest version of you.

What I love more than anything is bringing my unique intuitive gifts to the design process. As I listen to you speak, soak in the images of your space and feel into the way your home currently resonates with you, I can clearly sense exactly what’s not working and how to remedy it.

That feeling that it just isn’t right, but you can’t seem to put your finger on why, that’s where I can shift perspective and see the magic. The result is a space you feel genuinely connected with, at peace in, and allows you to both restore and energize yourself with the inspiration it creates. 

With the support of this membership you will:

  • Remove all stress from your decision making
  • Eliminate costly design mistakes
  • Get the help you need finding the exactly-right items for your spaces.
  • Receive a dedicated space to navigate all your questions & concerns with ease
  • Gain access to exclusive monthly specials and design tutorials
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In this space, you will say goodbye to overwhelm for good.


The stress of unanswered questions, doubt in your ideas or worry about money will no longer plague you to the point of inaction.

Together, we will create a home that fully serves all of your wants and needs, and becomes a space of safety, comfort, restoration and ultimate inspiration.

Imagine a home that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of you.

Imagine a home that functions effectively and efficiently, eliminating wasted space, and maximizes the square footage of your space.

The home that you dream of is closer than you think.  

  • Lynne Niehaus

    “Lynne has helped me design multiple spaces. Her creative brain is unmatched. She can pick a paint color like no other and envision a space almost immediately. She is great at listening to her client's vision and incorporating that into her designs.”

  • Lynne Niehaus

    “Lynne has a great eye for design. She is amazing at choosing color combinations. She is up on the industry trends and has a wonderful ability to take any idea I envision to a higher level!”

  • Lynne Niehaus

    “I was all over the place....then I found Lynne. ”

With a HomeScapes Design Membership, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly Q + A sessions with me via Zoom where we dive into your challenges + design needs
  • Free color swatches, fabric samples and tile samples shipped directly to you
  • Further samples at a highly discounted rate
  • Access to “trade only” merchandise + discounts
  • Monthly product specials
  • Group Design Class providing training on a particular topic
  • Weekly Wellness calls to ensure that your home provides a safe + healing shelter for you and your family
  • Resource Training Library
  • Guided Meditations to improve your mindset + mental wellbeing

Start the Transformation

Imagine walking through your front door and feeling your entire body exhale as you enter a space in which you are totally relaxed.

One that allows you to connect fully to your brilliance and support you in expressing your full potential.

There is more power in your personal space than can be comprehended, when it truly reflects your desires and meets your needs, you will be able to flow through your days with confidence and ease, taking action on things you previously assumed impossible.

Your sleep will improve, you will feel empowered to practice effective self care, take more enjoyment from your hobbies and ability to entertain.


You will reconnect with the version of yourself you are supposed to be, and lay to rest the version you told yourself you had to be.

This is the power of design. And you can DIY it to breathtaking results, because you yourself hold that power. Allow me to guide you to unleash it.

I Am In!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:


In my experience,  it takes about 90 days to make a radical change to clients' homes that truly meets their deepest needs and visions.  I am more than an Interior Designer.  I am your SPACE COACH! But there is currently no minimum, you can cancel at any time.


We can discuss any project in your home.  I recommend layout, color options, color pallets. spatial planning, flow between areas of your home and recommend products.  We do not recommend or communicate directly with contractors.


No problem!  I know exactly what it feels like to want a beautiful, organized home when I couldn't afford everything I wanted.  I will help you prioritize both money and space to make impactful changes no matter your budget!


This membership takes advantage of the marvels of technology to provide you with expert advice and full to-the-trade (Interior Design Professional exclusive merchandise) product access.   All design consultations are held on Zoom.  Any wall color, fabric or tile choices we discuss will be followed up with physical samples shipped directly to your home.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 3.08.00 PM


As an artist, I have been studying color my whole life.  As an interior designer, I have been transforming homes for over 2 decades.  Color and design fluidity are my passion.  And understanding how to make them work for you is my gift.

As the owner and lead designer at Lynne Niehaus Interiors, I have access to hundreds of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers so your home can have those perfect pieces to create harmony + comfort.

With 2 girls of my own and 3 bonus kids (and a 6'4" messy husband, I know what its like to create rooms that invite you in while maintaining a busy, chaotic household.

The secret to successfully designed spaces is merging the practical, honest truth of how you live with the beauty + comfort that inspires you.

Design a HOME that speaks to your HEART.