A space feels wonderful when all of the senses are ignited.

When the laws of nature guide your design, there is HARMONY, BALANCE, SIMPLICITY, and ABUNDANCE

I grew up in family full of insanely talented artisans and craftsmen.

My family's antique and furniture manufacturing business was the backdrop for a childhood immersed in nature (and full of beautiful THINGS.)

I have always translated the world through color and light.

The "shop" as we called it was on 5 acres of apple, peach, and cherry orchards with about an acre of vineyard, some blueberry bushes, fig trees, pecan trees and a pear tree thrown in for a complete fruit salad.

I loved studying how the colors changed through the seasons and ripening.  The birds.  The insects.  I spent hours in the trees admiring how the branches grew so all the leaves would get light.

I spent my summers jumping in the monstrous sawdust pile where I could, in a single sniff, tell you exactly which species of wood was about to be transformed.

When my friends were getting Barbie Dream House furniture, I was building my own from scraps engineered from the wood pile outside the shop.

I had all the resources to imagine accidents and leftovers into extraordinary accents. Stains, paints, scroll saws, sanders, industrial sewing machines = MAGIC. 

While I envied my friends pink plastic, I knew that I had mad skills.

My great-grandfather had been a talented artist, poet, and spiritual leader in the community.  My grandmother and her sisters followed in his footsteps.

From them, I learned to paint, sew, knit, crochet, write poetry and prose, carve, gild, embroider; you name it.

As I took steps toward adulthood, I lost hold of my individuality.

I studied for a degree in Molecular Biology and aspired to follow the traditional path.

Science and math came easy.  I got published in a scientific journal before I could legally drink.  Working 40 hours in a lab on top of my 18-hour course load, I was burning out fast but didn't know it.

I stopped chasing accolades and began to find a natural balance and harmony in my work.

"Mountain Walk" watercolor 1995

As an Interior Design and Color Specialist...

I combine art AND science to truly transform your space and reflect the dreams of your inner child.  I bring you home to the treasure in your heart and bring it to life at your feet. 

Together we craft a space of quality, longevity, and individuality that honors your ingenuity, nurtures your creativity, and reflects your joy for life.

Flower signature by Lynne Niehaus

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