The Perfect Wall Color is a Click away!

Stop fretting and start painting!  The color of your walls sets the tone for your entire design.  And making a mistake can be COSTLY (if someone else is painting) or MADDENING (if you are the one painting!)

Undertones and hues are confusing! After all, it is SCIENCE!

Scheduling a virtual color consult can save hundreds of dollars and hours of FRUSTRATION!



Whatever the project size, we have the perfect consultation package for you.  Select the package that works best for your project.  Once you purchase, you will be guided to the scheduling page where you can choose the time that works best for our consultation that we do on Zoom.  We will move through your space together.  With over a year or perfecting the online consultation, I have found a process that nails down


for any space that you are looking for help with.

Single Room


Single wall color

Best for a bathroom or bedroom

Coordinate with existing elements

Trim + Ceiling color 

Most Popular



Coordinate Multiple Rooms

Best for Multi-room Refresh (up to 4 wall colors)

Smart finish recommendations for High Traffic Areas

All Ceiling + Trim colors coordinated (even with existing colors)

Whole House


Develop a complete, personalized color palette

Best for a New Home or Hiring a Painter

Create flow all the way through your Home (multi-level)

Make Your Neighbors Jealous!!

Aren't sure which package is right or you need more specific design help? 

I would like to connect with Lynne.     Send an email 📧.

A proven approach

The perfect colors set the tone for design to take shape.


Transform a living room into a "Salon" with soft hued walls and a dramatic ceiling.


Islands can be art when the color is just right.


The finish is as important as the color.  Bring your project into its full light with the correct sheen choices.


Color has the power to transform the way that your home feels.  And as a result, it transforms the way that YOU feel in your home.  



As an artist, I have been studying color my whole life.  As an interior designer, I have been transforming homes for over a decade.  Color is my passion.  And understanding how to make it work for you is my gift.

  • Lynne Niehaus

    “Lynne has helped me design multiple spaces. Her creative brain is unmatched. She can pick a paint color like no other and envision a space almost immediately. She is great at listening to her client's vision and incorporating that into her designs.”

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  • Lynne Niehaus

    “Lynne has a great eye for design. She is amazing at choosing color combinations. She is up on the industry trends and has a wonderful ability to take any idea I envision to a higher level!”

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  • Lynne Niehaus

    “I was all over the place....then I found Lynne. ”

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