In a virtual 1:1 color consult, I will help you select the perfect wall colors to bring YOUR VISION to LIFE.

Do you wish you could tell what a wall color was really going to look like in your space? 


Is it going to be too bright,

Or too dark,

Or too boring,

Show up green,

Or too blue,


Or are you going to hate it?






"Lynne has helped me design multiple spaces. Her creative brain is unmatched. She can pick a paint color like no other and envision a space almost immediately. She is great at listening to her client's vision and incorporating that into her designs."

Sarah G.

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Hi there! I'm Lynne!

As an artist, I have been studying color my whole life. 

As an interior designer + professional color consult, I have been transforming homes for 20+ years. 

I know how light direction, shadow, floor color, tree coverage, etc. affect how colors change in every room.  How they read.

Color is my passion. 

As an energetic healer, I can work within the frequencies of colors to raise the vibration of whatever space you are working on.

Understanding how to make color come to life for YOU is my gift.

"I was all over the place...then I found Lynne."

-Amy B.


help with wall paint color

What are YOU looking to create?

What's YOUR vision?

I would love to help you see it come to life.



Transform a living room into a "Salon" with soft-hued walls and a dramatic ceiling. I will show you how.


Islands + cabinets become art when the color is just right.  Warm + inviting meets crisp + clean when the tones are perfect.

Color is a transformational tool that brings the whole design together so that you can love your home again!


The finish is as important as the color.  Bring your project into its full light with the correct sheen choices.

When the paint colors are cohesive,

your home feels like it flows, which allows you...

to focus on other things.

As a color specialist, I answer those critical questions that help you avoid the infamous painting FAILS.  For example:

  • Does the undertone of the trim work with the wall color? 
  • Or make it look dingy? Or too stark? 
  • What's the best ceiling color?
  • Which finish works best for how you live in the space? 
  • How many coats can you get away with?
  • Do the walls need primed?

Undertones and hues are confusing!  After all, it is SCIENCE!

And making a mistake is COSTLY (especially, if someone else is painting) or MADDENING (if you are the one painting!)

Scheduling a virtual color consult can save hundreds of dollars and hours of FRUSTRATION!


Whatever the project size, I have the perfect consultation option for you. 

Once you purchase, you will be guided to the scheduling page where you can choose the time for our Zoom consultation.

We will move through your space together.  


Single Room


Single wall color

Best for a bathroom or bedroom or other isolated space

Coordinate with existing elements like fixtures or tile

Includes Trim + Ceiling color coordination

Most Popular



Coordinate Multiple Rooms

Best for Multi-room Refresh + Exteriors

Up to 4 wall colors

Smart finish recommendations for High Traffic Areas

All Ceiling + Trim colors coordinated (even with existing colors)

Whole House


Develop a complete, personalized color palette

Best for a New Home or when hiring a painter for large areas

Create flow all the way through your Home (multi-level)

Up to 8 Wall colors!

If you are looking for an in-home Color Consultation, click here to request.





"Lynne has a great eye for design.  She is amazing at choosing color combinations.  She is up on industry trends and has a wonderful ability to take any idea I envision to a higher level."

Michelle Y.

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What are you waiting for? 

Schedule a professional color consult today to transform your home into YOUR DREAM HOME.

ONE ROOM ☑️                   MULTI-ROOM ☑️                           WHOLE SHA-BANG ☑️

Not sure if a virtual consultation will work for you?

  Here are some common questions:

How can you tell colors on a computer screen/remotely?

When the pandemic struck, I invested in high-quality lighting, cameras, and monitors so that I could continue to serve my longtime clients that relied on my expertise.  This technology allows me to adjust the light in my space to represent your space.  I use professional Benjamin Moore paint swatches, which are painted and not printed, so I can see exactly how the paint color will read in your space.  I have been working with Benjamin Moore paint for 20 years so I know how it responds to different light sources, directions, and obstructions.

How do I know that the colors chosen will work in my space?

When completing your order for a color consultation, you can select to add full-sized color chips.  If you select this option, ($12) you will receive a Fed-Ex delivery the next day* following your appointment with 8" x 8" color swatches of ALL the colors we selected during our time together.

*next business day.  Friday consults will receive their chips on Monday.

What if I start painting or receive my chips and I am still not sure?

After our consultation, you will receive an email that lists the color names and numbers that we chose.  In that email, I provide a scheduling link to pop back on my calendar for a quick confirmation/review at no additional charge to you.  If we need to tweek the color, we can do so.  100% of customers get the link and less than 5% feel the need to schedule a follow up.  But if you have any reservations or concerns, please do not hesitate to schedule a follow up.  I am committed to helping you find the perfect colors for your projects.


Should I buy paint samples instead?

Paint samples are not the solution that we have been led to believe. They present a number of problems. 

  • First, the cans aren't large enough to hold the correct ratio of pigments, especially for very light or complex colors. Pigment amount is rounded up or down and each pigment has a different dillution strength, which alters the overall color. 
  • Second, painting directly on the wall skews the way the brain interperets the color so you can't actually see the real color
  • Third, they are made from a poorer quality of paint than most people use; which means the pigments are suspended differently and react differently to light souces. 

As a fine artist, I am hypersensitive to color, I have never seen a paint sample that was a dead-on match to the color it was supposed to repesent.

Every color choice is selected uniquely for you space.  Let's get started!