Windows need more than just curtains.


I know that lots of people are excited for Fall.

Personally, I would rather hold on to summer just a little bit longer. After a gorgeous weekend here in Pennsylvania, the chill has descended today.   Brrr. 

So what am I thinking about?   Window treatments, i.e....

Keeping the cold out!

Did you know that your windows are the #1 offender for heat loss in your house? ???

So the question is:  Is there an attractive way to dress your windows AND control the elements?

YES!  Read on....

How do you make window treatments do double or even triple duty?

The secret is to layer.

While windows are better than they have ever been, a well-dressed window (meaning, a well-planned window treatment) is still one of the best energy-saving investments you can make in your home.

For example, my youngest step-daughter has a room at the front of the house. She has always risen with the sun. So if she didn’t go to bed early, she wasn’t getting enough sleep for her growing body. Because she is 10 years younger than her next closest sibling, that was hard as she got older.  She didn’t want to be left out of the action.

On top of that, we have a Pretzel factory at the front of our neighborhood that runs all night. Of course, her room faces out to the factory.

I had hung fairly substantial white patterned curtains, floor to ceiling, along with sheers to control the sun and give some light protection. It looked great ...but it wasn’t enough.

And since her room is the furthest point in the house from the thermostat, it got chilly in the winter.

I don't just believe in good bedroom design.  I believe in smart bedroom design. And smart window treatments!

After some research, we decided that the best option for dealing with the light and occasional late night noise was a Shade made by Springs Window Fashions. We installed sound dampening/blackout Honeycomb shades that fit into light tracks for maximum light and sound control.

As a designer, I have never liked the look of Honeycomb shades. I needed for them to be relatively obscure for my own sanity.

So this is how you have great-looking window treatments that do the job.

  • To keep the look uncluttered, I opted for all white: white drapery panels, white sheers, and white shades in white tracks. Of course, the window trim is white as well.
  • We selected a retracting toggle cord as the lift mechanism since it would be concealed behind the curtain panels. It allows her to be able to pull them all the way up when she is relaxing, playing, or reading in her room.

I love that the gauzy sheers against the solid curtains are what your eye catches. (These sheers are $5 sheers from IKEA!)

But more than that, I love the sense of control that she feels in her room.  That's what a good bedroom design is all about!  Helping you feel at home in your own space.  

And the bonuses......  energy savings....


we get a little bit more sleep on the weekends!!

Take a quick look at the window treatments in your daughter's room.  Are they too flimsy to do the work they need to do?  Are they too utilitarian to look great?  Or are they doing everything that she needs them to do????

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 ***I love making things work more efficiently! If you have a topic that you would like me to address, PLEASE, share it with me in the comments!  I am sure someone else is struggling with it too!*** 

Need more help than window treatments?  Want to create a bedroom that meets your daughter's individual needs and style? Click here to learn more.  


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