Room Design

The Pre- Back to School Ritual that every Mom needs to know

Set your daughter and yourself up for success with this charming back-to-school ritual that is designed to help her let go of things she no longer needs and have a more orderly space. You will spend less money on back-to-school supplies and clothes. And have the opportunity to turn something that you may both dread into a time that you will both cherish for years to come.

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How to Make Flower Fairies from Scratch

Make your own flower fairies from scratch. There are so many fun uses. This tutorial tells you how to get started AND how to add your own special touches to make them truly unique! Not all bedroom design has to be practical. These fairies are here to remind you to have fun!

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Turn a piece of furniture into a work of art

Video thumbnail marble look side table copy

Do you have a piece of furniture that could use an update?

Using the acrylic-pour technique you can transform any flat surface into a work of art.  You just need:

  • to know the proper way to prepare the table for painting
  • the right ingredients
  • some imagination
  • and a place to get messy

and I GUARANTEE, you will love the results.

I recorded the video below while doing this LIVE in segments on Instagram (that's why the weird orientation).  The girls in my design camps had complained that…

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The Guide to the Perfectly UNMADE Bed


Isn’t it ironic that SO many marketing materials for bedding involve photos of UNMADE beds.  When I started looking at the images that I had collected for clients or the inspiration photos that they shared with me, it occurred to me that the perfectly sumptuous bedding is ALWAYS inviting you in.


we constantly “remind” our kids to make their beds!

When I discovered this, I was baffled.  Why do frumpled up sheets and blankets look so yummy in pictures that they make you want to crawl into …

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Does your daughter struggle putting her stuff away?


Do you feel like nothing ever gets completely put away in your daughter's room; that you are constantly trying to create storage space?  If that’s the case, it is important to take a look at how much active storage space you have versus passive storage space to understand the best way to organize your daughter's room.

Welcome to Part 1 of my 4 Part Blog on Conquering the Chaos.

If you just asked, what the heck is she talking about?  Then you, my friend, are just like most of my clients. When w…

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Windows need more than just curtains.


I know that lots of people are excited for Fall.

Personally, I would rather hold on to summer just a little bit longer. After a gorgeous weekend here in Pennsylvania, the chill has descended today.   Brrr. 

So what am I thinking about?   Window treatments, i.e....

Keeping the cold out!

Did you know that your windows are the #1 offender for heat loss in your house? ???

So the question is:  Is there an attractive way to dress your windows AND control the elements?

YES!  Read on....

How do y…

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How To Make Colors Pop


Are you redoing your daughter’s room and really struggling with the wall color? Does she want something bright and colorful but you don’t want it glowing into the hallway?

As a mom and a designer, I have been there too! You want to give her the space to let her vision blossom but you want her to have a room that she really loves to come home to.

Maybe you are thinking, “Paint is cheap, I’ll just let her pick it and we will paint it something better when she’s older.”

The only effective way to…

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How Color Choices Effect a Room Design


There is no doubt that we are all drawn to certain colors.  Anyone over the age of 3 can tell you what their favorite color is. There are a number of factors that play into our likes and dislikes.

Picture the cool blue Caribbean waters.

What words come to mind?



Crystal clean?


There is no doubt that colors trigger an emotional response within us. There have been decades of research attributed to understanding how colors trigger actions or moods. The ancient Egypt…

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